It's not going to hurt our feelings if you find yourself starring at the photos before you read a single word. Montana is like that. Especially the part around its capital, Helena. Lewis and Clark spent a few speechless moments here themselves, just taking it all in.Then they gave it a name that's as true today as it was back then.The Gateway to the Rockies.

Here’s where you’ll find your gateway to this magnificent land. Diamond City will be home to 5,500 luxurious residences, townhomes and condominiums. An Arnold Palmer designed championship golf course. A 200 plus acres equestrian center. A 175 to 225 room luxury 4 star hotel, a 100 to 125 luxury 5 star hotel  and a 400 room three star resort hotel.


And perhaps most importantly of all, it will be a home that honors its unspoiled surroundings. Our goal is to make Diamond Hills entirely carbon neutral and a smart city. We plan to be one of the first communities in the country to include these technologies that allows us to go for the newly created and very stringent LEED® rating from the US Green Building Council ®. The team put together to make this happen is second to none in the world.


When you have a place as beautiful as the one you see in these photos, you tend to be very protective about keeping it that way.